Portable Accessory Bag

Portable Electronic Accessories Bag

Accessories Bag

Do you find it difficult to organise your cables or accessories?

 If you’ve ever struggled with the hassle of tangled cables and disorganised accessories, our Portable Electronic Accessories Bag is your one-stop organisational solution. Our Accessory bag has multiple compartments, making it suitable to store cables, adapters, AirPods, phones etc. making your movement with your gadgets and its accessories swift and convenient.

Let’s explore the common compartments in our bag :

Portable Acessories Bag

  1. Compartment:

  The Accessory bag comes with two largest compartments. Both compartments include mesh pockets of different sizes to store cables, airpods and adapters as well as a larger pocket to store your phones or any phone sized valuable.

    2. Mesh Pockets:

These mesh pockets are ideal for items like charging cables, USB drives, or SD cards etc. The mesh allows you to see the contents easily, making it convenient to locate the accessory you need.

  1. Soft Lining and Padding:

 Our bags feature soft padded lining to protect delicate items like smartphones, adapters or airpods from damage due to accidental falls.

  1. Handle:

The handle is convenient as it makes it easy to attach the bag to your wrist, backpack, bag or suitcase.

     5. Material:

The internal and external part of our bags are made of Nylon, which is durable, lightweight and water-resistant. Making our pouches easy to carry and safe for your accessories.

Exciting right !

No more fumbling around searching for chargers, earphones, or adapters; our bag ensures everything has its place and has a sophisticated look whiles doing so. Measuring at a convenient 21×12.5×6.2cm, this bag is designed to simplify your life!

Why wait any longer whiles you can have an all-in-one Portable Electronic Accessories bag. Shop now and join the cool team!

Watch our Youtube video to get an up-close of our Accessories bag.

Happy Shopping!!

Accessories BagAccessories BagAccessories Bag

Accessories Bag

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